Tanisha Lindeman

Tanisha Lindeman


I was born in Singapore with a Dutch Dad and a Peruvian Mom. This makes me a international yogi with a heart for traveling. I speak fluent English, Dutch and Spanish. I draw my inspiration from all over the world, and intend to continue traveling on this amazing yoga journey.

Since 2010 I am experiencing the wonders of teaching and practicing yoga throughout Europe and South America, with The Hague (Scheveningen ) as my home base.

My personality is reflected in my classes: powerful, energetic and playful.

Vinyasa yoga


Vinyasa Yoga is a vigorous class consisting of asanas (poses) to strengthen body and mind. Vinyasa means ‘connection of movement and breath’. This special class is coated with intention, flowing creative sequencing (vinyasa) and focus is given to the power of breathing (ashtanga). The class will be al levels but Come prepared to sweat, work […]

Fun Yoga