Tim de Ruiter

Tim de Ruiter


Tim started his yoga journey by accident in 2009 while studying at The Hague University. Since
childhood his parents have always stimulated him to do sports and other physical activities to
maintain a healthy lifestyle. Due to injury and recovery bound to the fitness schools, that’s where he
got drawn into Power Yoga. After practicing for one year it changed into Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and
eventually entered the Yin-side. Late 2012 he got the opportunity to test his teaching ability at the
same gym he started Power Yoga, it was the final push in the process of becoming a yoga teacher.
Not surprisingly his first teacher training was in classic Power Yoga at Dasra Center in 2013 and only
one year later completed a 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa training in Thailand. It was during this
Ashtanga training where he dove deeper into the asana’s, hands-on adjustments, breathwork, yogic
philosophy and the ancient Sanskrit language. This has highly influenced his way of pronouncing
words while teaching and deeper meaning of the practice. His interest in armbalances was triggered
by the Rocket Series and since 2015 he started teaching various armbalance and Vinyasa workshops.
Tim feels privileged to share his knowledge and experience on this exotic subject, inspired by Dylan
Werner, David Swenson, Kino Macgregor and David Kyle. Playful and energetic are two key elements
that represent Tim’s teaching style.

Rocket yoga (the feel good practice)

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Be prepared to challenge yourself, the Rocket gets you there faster! Founded by Larry Schultz, Rocket Yoga is based on traditional Ashtanga Yoga. However, students are encouraged to modify postures and the sequence. Anybody can join, play, explore, have fun and benefit from the practice. It also gave way to the now modern Vinyasa style you may have done […]

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