Vijay Gopala

Vijay Gopala

Vijay Gopala (India), founder and main teacher of Yoga Gita, has been studying and practicing Yoga from a very young age. He has master degrees in Yoga and philosophy. Yoga has been passed on to him through generations. He approaches the ancient subject from a scientific angle on today’s society. His aim is to spread the knowledge and practice of Self awareness, which is the core element in Yoga. Yoga Gita offers Teacher Training Courses (RYS 200, 300 & 500 hours) in India and the Netherlands. Vijay is recognized as a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP). Vijay gives individual sessions on request at the festival. His workshops are in English and suitable for all levels. More information:

Connecting practice of yoga to day to day life


What you learn on the mat should eventually lead in transforming you to a state where best possible expressions will flow in your actions when you are interacting with day-to-day life situations. This link of connecting your practice to inner transformation and outer conscious presentation of your Self in day-to-day life is established in this […]

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