MOKSHA – Embody your freedom !

Studio OM

Free-form yoga, movement and dance meditation ~ with Simon Rowe

For those who love the transformative power of movement, this is for you. While yoga is a practice based on poses, Simon offers his Moksha (freedom) trainings for students to enrich their yoga by exploring movement based yoga and meditation practices. Take your yoga out of the box, off the mat and set yourself free during MOKSHA! Enter a journey where music, movement and meditation meet each other in a natural and harmonious dialogue. Move beyond the Yoga poses and explore the liberating practices of free-form yoga, dynamic breath-work, movement-meditation and Prana dance. Rediscover your natural sense of pleasure through movement and give yourself to the rhythm of MOKSHA – freedom!

Dress code: comfortable, loose fitting clothes are well suited.

As long as your outfit does not restrict you, there is no need to wear yoga or fitness apparel.  

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