Yoga Festival Leiden offers Classes in English!

For the first time ever, a Yoga Festival will take place in Leiden. For one day, at Sunday April 19, the building of Scheltema (Marktsteeg 1) will be transformed into a Yoga Hotspot. The day is filled with more than 30 different Yoga classes or lectures on Yoga. Furthermore there are different massages you can experience and there is a Yoga & Lifestyle market with delicious food and Yoga products that you don’t want to miss.

The festival is child friendly, we offer kids- and teenage Yoga and a special class Parent and Kid Yoga. These classes, though, are not in English. Also during the day we will have a creative corner for your child. If you wish to attend a class, in the meantime your child will be colouring mandalas in the kidscorner.

The following classes on the program will be taught in English:

Tryout program:

  • Yoga with Merel Beerthuizen
  • Iyengar Yoga with Sarah Jane Rawkins

Day program:

  • Bhakti Yoga with Achayla Nipshagen & Tommie Freke (life music)
  • Pranayama with Anat Preiss
  • Yantra yoga & Meditation with Marc van Westreenen
  • Philosophy lecture with Sumati Nair

One more highlight of the day is the closing concert with the Festival band. We are inviting you to come and sing along.

You can book a ticket online at

  • Day ticket – € 49,95. Entrance to all classes, workshops, lectures and the Yoga & Life style market
  • Try out card – € 15,00 Entrance to two classes in the tryout room and the Yoga & Life style market.
  • Kids card – € 10,00 for kids (until 15 years) for Kids- and Teenage Yoga classes.